No Appointments! - Please wait at the door for a staff member to assist you.

Read our entire COVID-19 Preparedness Plan here.  

curbside pickup

Place and order over the phone or online & pick up curbside!

In store shopping

Please wait at the door

for assistance.


Select items available to purchase online.


Virtual Fittings now available. 

curbside pickup

We are offering curbside pick up for orders placed over the phone or online.

If you know what you are looking for, order online or give us a call to pay for your purchase over the phone. 

We are currently open Monday through Saturday 10AM-5PM.

Appointments are NOT needed for curbside pickup.

When you arrive for pick-up, give us a call 507-289-5626.

To create a completely contactless experience, after your phone call, we will place your items in a bin outside of the store. While you will have to get out of your vehicle, this process keeps our staff and customers safe.

Curbside can also be utilized for returns and exchanges. Just give us a call to discuss your options. 

in store shopping

While we're still restricting and monitoring traffic inside the store, we are pleased to share that as of June 8, 2020 we are able to accommodate same-day traffic and a more traditional shopping experience!


No appointments are required. Simply come up to the door and wait for a staff person to let you in. Note that our doors are locked to ensure staff & customer safety. Typical wait times are 5 minutes or less. 

At this time we ask that you limit the number of guests who come with you to shop and encourage you to leave wandering little feet and hands at home whenever possible. 

In store appointments follow a strict protocol to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

  1. Masks are REQUIRED for all customers. The staff person you are working with will also be wearing a mask.

  2. When you arrive, please WAIT at the door. A staff person will be with you momentarily.

  3. A dedicated staff person (your personal shopping assistant!) will let you into the store.

  4. Once inside, we will dispense hand sanitizer for you to apply and ask that you wear clean socks if you are trying on shoes. 

  5. We ask that you look first and try to only touch the items you plan to purchase.

  6. Public restrooms are not available, but fitting rooms are now open!

  7. Once your purchase is complete and you leave the store, we sanitize the entire area for the next guest.

online shopping

While we wish it was as easy as just hitting a button to get all of our awesome footwear, apparel, and gear online, technology and time constraints do not currently allow for that. However, you can see a large selection of our inventory, plus shop select footwear, as well as buy gift cards and more on our website.

To see an (almost) exhaustive list of the items we currently have in stock, visit this link. Our inventory on this link is updated every 24 hours, so please call the store to confirm availability and purchase anything you see.

Select footwear is available to purchase online.

Please note that items purchased online may not be currently available for curbside pickup. Items purchase online typically come from the brand warehouse and may take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

You can purchase gift cards, select nutrition & gear, Mystery Grab Bags, and logo'd products online here.

virtual appointment

Please note: Virtual Fittings are now only available by request. You can email to schedule a zoom meeting time. 

Virtual fittings are a great option for those who want to limit their time in public, or even if you just wish to make your trip as convenient and seamless as possible!

Once you book your appointment, you will receive a zoom link to connect with one of our experts. 

To prepare for your virtual appointment please ensure that you have a device that can be moved to the floor so we can see your feet. We also suggest having your current shoes at the ready so we can evaluate your wear pattern (and potentially learn more about what may be causing your foot, ankle, or knee pain). 

During your virtual appointment, one of our experts will ask you questions (just like we would in the store) to determine what kind of shoes you are looking for, and learn more about your injury history and shoe preferences. Based on this information, plus a walking gait analysis, we will be able to narrow down your options to a handful of recommendations.