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Find Your Perfect (Run/Walk) Partner!

Happy Valentine’s Weekend! No matter where you fall on the V-Day appreciation spectrum—a marketer’s dream (a dozen roses! candy! chocolate! exorbitantly expensive dinners!) or certified crab (it’s just a Hallmark holiday, love should be celebrated everyday, uncoupled is the new black, etc.)—we can collectively celebrate the warmer temps on the horizon. In Runnerese, “spring” translates to “high time to start training for spring and summer events!”

However, what if you simply can’t bear facing another training cycle alone? If the thought of slogging through dozens of workouts solo makes you run for the Kleenex, put down your spoon, back away from that half-gallon of Rocky Road and join us for Speed Dating for Runners & Walkers on Tuesday, February 25 at 7:00 p.m.

Old friend, new solemate

PLEASE NOTE: Speed Dating for Runners & Walkers is about finding your SOLEMATE—the workout buddy or buddies of your dreams—not your SOULMATE. (You’ll want to check here for the latter; TerraLoco is released and forever discharged of any and all claims related to the results.)

Intrigued? We hope so! The more people who attend the event, the more opportunities you have to find that special someone(s). (The best part about solemates? It's socially acceptable to have more than one!)

We strongly encourage you to register in advance. You will be asked some questions about your preferences in the registration form. The more information we have, the better we will be able to match you with potential solemates.

When you arrive, we will have a nametag waiting for you and will direct you to a group. We will provide (running/walking related) conversation topics at the beginning of each “date” to help participants break the ice. After each meeting, you will mark on a card (which will be provided) whether or not you have an interest in meeting up for a run/walk/workout. If mutual interest is noted, we will let each participant know who they matched with and provide contact information (with permission and only if mutual interest is expressed). What happens next is up to you! Our hope is that you follow up and give the potential solemate(s) a try.

Of course, as in real-life dating, not all matches are made in heaven. Early in my running career, at a time when I was generally insecure about calling myself a runner, a disheartening experience with a potential solemate dealt a blow to my confidence. The years that followed developed my love for solo runs; however, I was overdue to get back in the saddle. I started running with a new solemate, and it is truly a game-changer. We motivate each other while chatting about topics that span the weather to life philosophy. We celebrate our running achievements with avocado toast (for my better half) and pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and Coke (shrug).

ISO...a solemate who loves breakfast as much as I do

Speed Dating for Runners & Walkers is for you whether you have dozens of solemates on speed dial (there is always room for more!) or are just starting to search for that special someone(s). Lean into the unknown to find true (platonic) love - it will be worth it!

If you are searching for a solemate, but simply cannot make the date/time work, you may not have to take out that classified ad just yet. Our hope is that there is a second date (maybe even a long-term relationship?) with this event.

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