Our Super Fan Contest Winner!

Last month, we began our search for our biggest TerraLoco fan! We encouraged you all to tell us how long you have been shopping with us, events you have attended, and what purchases you have made - basically what makes you our biggest Super Fan ever! The winner of this contest would receive neverending fame (on social media), fortune (this is questionable) and a TerraLoco Fan Pack complete with favorite TerraLoco apparel and gear!

And we have a winner! Our biggest Super Fan is Karla Arndt!

Read below about what Karla has to say about herself, about shopping, and about why she loves TerraLoco:

Let me make one thing clear right from the start: I.HATE.TO.SHOP.

I don’t hate to shop just a little. I hate to shop with a passion. I’m the youngest of three girls and I’m convinced that all the shopping genes were given to both my sisters and none was left for me. It’s so bad that when I find something that fits, I buy multiples of that item so that I don’t have to shop again for a while. All my jeans are the same brand and style. Until I discovered Terraloco, I typically wore the same pair of shoes every day. I have such trouble getting shoes to fit due to a high instep that a friend of mine once said, “I don’t care if you don’t like them! If you EVER find a pair to fit, just BUY them and then buy clothes to match!” So, how can I possibly be Terraloco’s biggest fan? The answer is simple: Terraloco makes shopping easy! Almost all of my shoes and clothes are now purchased at Terraloco because I can go into one store, get great customer service, and walk out with almost everything I need.

I honestly didn’t shop at Terraloco until I started running two years ago. Oh, I had been in the store with my daughters to buy their running shoes because SOMEBODY had to pay for them, but since I didn’t run and hate to shop, I just sat there and waited for them to finish. I occasionally nabbed a pair of shoes to go for walks, but I was disinterested in even looking around because...well, have I mentioned that I hate to shop?

Enter my newfound exercise program, running, in the spring of 2018. I signed up for Thursday Night Training (TNT) so needed some shoes. Then, I needed a water bottle. Then, I needed decent running shorts. Then, I finally discovered that I could just get everything I needed including everything I wear to work in one stop! Yippee!

Nearly all of my shoes are now purchased at Terraloco: running shoes, trail shoes (needed for Ragnar Trail Wisconsin with Terraloco, of course), casual shoes, fun Christmas shoes, sandals, Oofos (two pairs needed -- one for indoors and one for outdoors), and boots -- both hiking and fashion.

It’s a given that running clothes and socks can be purchased at Terraloco. I’m embarrassed by the number of socks I have and would never show them all in a photo. I literally have every brand of socks sold at the store. I’m now obsessed with Injinji toe socks because I used to get blisters between my little toes and their adjacent ones, but the toe socks solved the problem! I’ve got the necessary variety of running clothes -- tops for summer, winter, and for that one week in between. Also, let’s not overlook my absolute favorite Brooks shorts with pockets and my Lole winter leggings which have kept me warm well below zero.

Terraloco’s clothing is not just for running. I like the variety of clothes and outfits I can also wear to work. Granted, I have an office job in a casual environment, but I always feel good about what I’m wearing from Terraloco. I also appreciate the quality of the brands sold there. For example, one of my Smartwool purchases had a quality problem after I had worn it several times. I checked the Smartwool website and there was a one year guarantee! Woot! I sent it back and they sent me a gorgeous dark gray sweater. My Prana jean jacket goes with everything and it’s so stretchy and comfortable. Oh, and I obviously have some kind of fascination with Brooks quarter zips, but don’t tell anybody because I guess I haven’t really broken my habit of buying multiples when I really like something. My new, favorite t-shirt is the Brooks shirt that I grabbed at the tent sale. :)

Who thinks of outerwear at Terraloco? Well, they’ve got it: Running jackets, lightweight casual jackets, and a packable puffer. Don’t forget to buy Buffs in various weights and some good mittens for winter running!

All runners need an accessory or two (or five or ten or more). There’s nutrition, lights for night running, a Rollga, buffs, water bottles, Amphipod belts, Aftershokz headphones, a Garmin, ponytail holders, bib holders, and Hydroflasks. I love them all! I don’t go anywhere without my Garmin. I love my Aftershokz because I feel safer knowing I can hear my surroundings while listening to my podcasts when out running and walking. I’m drinking so much more water now that I have Hydroflasks. And, I’m very happy with my Amphipod belt to stash my phone, my nutrition, my Kleenex, and have ample water for long runs.

I’ve participated in $5 5k’s, Ragnar Trail Wisconsin, and several of the evening seminars which are always free. Seminar topics vary from trail running to winter running to aging and exercise to learning how to use my Rollga. I’ve enjoyed several of the challenges that have helped keep me accountable.

What could possibly be left? Well, my Terraloco gear, of course! I like having the variety so that I can wear something from Terraloco in any weather. I didn’t think I had enough so I ordered one of each of the items that were available in the last pre-order, and I can’t wait for them to arrive. Some people might think that that’s a bit excessive, but when you’re a fan, you’re a fan!

Check out my new hikers below -- they’re still clean, but not for long! :)

I am, without a doubt, Terraloco’s biggest, super fan. Everyone know that if they want to get me gift, a Terraloco gift card is always welcomed!

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