Resolutions in 2020? Get After Your Goals with Help from TerraLoco

“This is the year I’m going to get healthier.” Sound familiar?

Across the country this week, millions of Americans are making similar New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps you are the type of person who makes a resolution every year, or maybe you’ve dismissed the idea of resolutions as a gimmick to sell diets every January.

Whichever camp you fall into, there’s no doubt that very few people actually keep their New Year’s Resolutions. According to some research, only 12% of resolution makers actually achieve their goal. Why is that? In general, resolution makers don’t set realistic, specific goals, and don’t take meaningful steps towards achieving those goals. Without those things, resolutions are just statements that are easily ignored or forgotten when the going gets tough.

I typically do not make New Year’s Resolutions - but I have set major goals before, and achieved them.

At the end of May 2010, I set a goal of completing my first race - a sprint triathlon on September 4th. Going from couch to triathlon is not easy. But I was determined to achieve this goal. How did I do it? By making a specific & realistic goal (“Finish the race”); telling others about my goal (non-stop, and from day one); and laying out the steps I would need to do in order to achieve that goal.

The day I decided I wanted to do the triathlon, I registered for the event, shared it on Facebook, and found a training plan I knew I could follow. With those pieces in place, I was able to successfully complete the St. Croix Valley sprint triathlon.

My first race, 2010

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 10 years since I started my running journey. Along the way, I’ve learned that I need to keep setting goals for myself, otherwise I tend to not have the motivation to be active. I’ve also learned that external motivation is very important. Simply seeing the progress or achievements of other runners in our community is extremely motivating. 

This January 7th, TerraLoco will bring that community together for our sixth annual Resolution Night. At this event, we bring together local resources such as coaches, running clubs, cross training opportunities, and race directors. We also curate a collection of inspirational stories, shared by members of our community, just like you. Their stories vary, but one thread weaves through each - grit, determination, and a good pair of shoes are all one needs to achieve a fitness goal.

After Resolution Night, you’ll come away feeling inspired and motivated to set your 2020 goals. I’ll be setting my 2020 goals right alongside you. To celebrate 10 years of running, I’m committing to running 10 races throughout the year. This will be a long-term resolution, with small, achievable goals every couple of months. I invite you to join me in my 10 RACES FOR 10 YEARS Challenge in 2020. A few of my goal races have already been set, but I’m still looking to fill out my calendar with all of the best local races, and I’d love to see you there at the starting line, right alongside me.

Photos from Resolution Night 2019:

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