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This month we’ve been sharing a lot about what makes TerraLoco special – of course we have great products and events, but what really makes us stand out from the competition is our people. 

The passions of our staff, ambassadors, and customers drive our decisions; and the community that we all create is central to TerraLoco’s mission, vision and values.

You may have seen this meme often shared this time of year: “When you shop local you’re not helping a CEO buy a third holiday home, you’re helping a family pay a mortgage or a student pay for college.” Generally speaking, that is absolutely true, but you still need a reason to shop specifically with us. Why should you spend your hard earned dollars at TerraLoco?

One reason is that you can get to know the people behind the store, including me – so today I’m going to tell you a little about myself and our philosophy behind why we do what we do at TerraLoco. After you read this, you’ll feel confident that your dollars are going to support someone and something that you can stand behind. 

I purchased TerraLoco from the original owners in August 2015, but I have not always been a business owner, nor have I always been a runner. While I used to think that made me unique, I’ve found that many business owners and runners share similar stories of perseverance and fortitude that lead them on a complicated journey to find themselves.

My journey has shaped me in ways I could never imagine, and it helps shape the store as well. When I first started running, I was nervous to walk into a store that focused on running shoes. Would they judge me or laugh at me? They didn’t, but the fear could have kept me out of the store and out of the running game entirely. That’s why it is my goal to make TerraLoco as inviting and non-intimidating as possible. When you walk in our doors you won’t find row after row of 3” split or booty shorts, cropped tanks, and flashy racing flats. You will find those things sprinkled among shorts in varying lengths, capris and tights with plenty of storage, full coverage tops and bottoms, and running shoes in a huge range of sizes and styles for every kind of runner and walker. When you shop with us you will also find that our employees are welcoming and inviting, accessible and friendly, and our events are planned with all levels and abilities in mind. 

Our staff, events, and products will make you feel good when you walk into our store, but what about when you walk out? How do you know that your money is going towards something you can truly trust and support? As a resident of Rochester for over 30 years, member of the first graduating class at Century High School, and graduate of Winona State, I am a true local. It’s important to me to stay up to date on Rochester’s future plans, support Its local charities and causes, and provide comfort to those in our community who are less fortunate. TerraLoco donates over $20,000 in cash and products to local organizations every year, and supports programs like Bolder Options, Girls on the Run, and elementary run clubs, which encourage kids to get and stay active. My staff, ambassadors, customers, and community are my top priority. In truth, it’s more important to me that everyone around me does well, than it is for me to make a few extra bucks. 

So no, you won’t be helping me buy a third vacation home (just paying off one in is good enough for me), or funding my yacht purchase (you might help fund my next race adventure though!), or padding my bank account so I can invest in mutual funds or stocks (that’s a thing, right?). Instead, you will be helping me do more for the community that you and I are a part of – and that’s a wonderful (and powerful) thing.

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