What's in a Name?

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" -- Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Juliet was certainly optimistic when she uttered this famous line from Romeo & Juliet, but in the end, as we all know, the family name did matter tremendously. 

Words and names have a lot of power. If you've ever been bullied or if you've ever mis-used a word in a professional setting, you know this to be true. Words have a denotation and a connotation. The denotation of a word is it's actual meaning. Basically, the Webster's dictionary entry. The connotation of a word is what feelings that word conjures in a listener. Putting it another way, what do people associate with that word?

In business, the connotation of a word, phrase, or name is extremely important. You certainly wouldn't want anyone to hear your store name, or an advertisement, and associate that with something unpleasant. 

Our store name, TerraLoco, is short for terrestrial locomotion, and that name was chosen very carefully.

Although we are a run specialty store, we purposely kept the word 'run' out of our store name. There are a few reasons for this, which I'll articulate here.

1. We don't just carry running shoes & apparel. The word 'run' in our name would limit the types of product we carry. We want to serve everyone in the Rochester community, so we've brought in a wide variety of products to suit everyone from the casual runner, to the walker, to the pro. We also carry work shoes, hiking boots, slippers, and athleisure clothing.

2. We offer a no-intimidation environment. And that starts the moment you hear or see our store name. We know that running can be a scary goal to tackle. We know that even people who run three times a week can often be overheard saying, "I'm not a real runner." Speaking from experience, when I first started running, I was terrified to go into our local running store. Who would help me? I don't look like a runner. What if they laugh at me?  These were the thoughts bouncing around in my head. The reality was that the people who helped me were kind and supportive, but I can imagine that those feelings may keep some people away from a store with the word 'run' in the title. 

Those are just two of the reasons for our business name choice. Of course, a unique name that implies that we're all just a little bit 'loco' helps too!

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